Debt Purchase

Debt Purchase is buying performing and non-performing, secure and unsecured debts from a company. The price depends on the age and quality of the debt.

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Why debt purchase?

When you have credits in the balance sheet and you have difficulty recovering them, one of the solutions is the transfer of the portfolio to a specialized company in exchange for a consideration calculated on the basis of the age and characteristics of the credit.

Axactor can help you with this, because the purchase of unsecured portfolios of mainly banking and financial nature is one of the company's main business units.

The advantages are different: immediate liquidity, resolution of issues related to credit management and savings in management costs.

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Why Axactor?

In Axactor, we are convinced that the collection business has an important role in our society. We help people in a tough situation to get a better life, but most and foremost, we help hard working companies and financial institutions get paid.

In an industry that is perceived by many as rigid and slow, we want to be available and stand for energy. We believe in strong expertise and an understanding of the customer's delivery. Our goal is to be in the forefront of development and to never be afraid of smart systems and digital tools.

We achieve high performance thanks to the specific skills of our professionals, best practices and advanced technologies shared at Group level, such as the Axactor efficiency model, business intelligence systems, scoring models and advanced analysis.

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Alessandro Scorsone

Sales & Marketing Director Italy