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14 October 2019

Axactor Norway

Axactor signs new Nordic debt collection agreement

Axactor has signed an agreement for Sweden and Norway with a new customer. The customer is part of an international group with headquarters in southern Sweden and is established in 32 countries with about 5 000 employees. For Axactor, the agreement shows further proof of having a product that is suitable for future debt collection services.

Together with the customer, Axactor will deliver a very exciting differentiated solution based on customer profiles to ensure high service and fast payment throughout the credit chain. In addition to a smart process, the company also has an assigned customer team with Nordic responsibility at Axactor who will work proactively and have a close dialogue to gain a deep understanding of the customer's brand and values. For these reasons, the choice fell on Axactor as a supplier and partner for the future.

- We are of course very proud of this new partnership, and we see even more the importance of being able to deliver a Nordic solution. Everything is based on an effective solution, of course, but perhaps more importantly, a relationship that understands the customer's challenges. We always strive to change and improve at a high pace. The first cases will come to us in October, so now we are working intensively to make the start really good, says Lisa Sothell, Country Manager for Axactor Sweden.