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21 December 2018, 15:16 CET

Axactor Group

Stock notice

Oslo Børs – AXA - Nytt ISIN fra og med / New ISIN from 27.12.2018

Det vises til meldinger fra selskapet 21.12.2018.

Axactor SE vil fra og med 27.12.2018 noteres med nytt
ISIN nummer og Org.nr.

Ny - ISIN: NO0010840515
Ny – Org.nr: 921896328
Ny - Tick Size Tabell: OBEQ_PT_9000 – ADNT larger than 9000
Ingen endring - Instrument ID: 28597
Ingen endring - Ticker: AXA

* Mrk: Eventuelle overnattende ordre vil bli slettet av Oslo Børs etter 16:45

Reference is made to announcements from the company

Axactor SE will be traded with new ISIN as and new company registration number from 27.12.2018

New ISIN: NO0010840515
New Company registration number: 921896328
New - Tick Size Tabell: OBEQ_PT_9000 – ADNT larger than 9000
Unchanged instrument ID: 28597
Unchanged ticker: AXA

* Note: Any overnight orders will be deleted by the Exchange after 16:45