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We offer services within debt collection, accounts receivable management, as well as portfolio purchases.
In Axactor we are investing in new technology and standardized systems, which enables us to deliver best in class debt collection services in all markets. Further, we have strong industry knowledge at all levels of the organization and sufficient funding to acquire large non-performing loan portfolios.

Our managers and employees are dedicated and passionate and we can ensure that all work is carried out with the highest standards of integrity, trust, ethics and quality.

Our industry is experiencing rapid disruptive changes and with our forward-looking solutions within IT and proactive people, we demonstrate daily that we embrace these challenges and find good solutions for our customers and debtors. Our strong focus on being solution oriented, innovative and committed to deliver the best service possible, has in record time given us a unique position as one of the top ten providers within the industry in Europe.

We continuously drive for operational excellence through focusing on building One Axactor, where knowledge sharing across countries is one of the key focus areas.

Our most important task is to take good care of your customers, at the same time as we ensure that you get your payments on time.

Main service areas

Debt collection (3PC)
At Axactor we offer both amicable and legal collection services to a wide range of customers. We manage late payments with the needed local knowledge, friendliness and firmness. We can assist you with getting your outstanding payments in faster and bring down outstanding credits, then you can focus on your core business and continue to have a positive relationship with your customers.

Accounts Receivable Management (A/R management)
At Axactor we can also monitor all your issued invoices, send reminders and increase the level of timely payments. This enables you to reduce the cost of the invoice process and it contributes to increase your liquidity. Check out this innovative and effective way of A/R Management.

Debt Purchase
At Axactor we also acquire performing and non-performing debt at a percentage of their nominal value, standalone transactions as well as forward flow transactions.
Axactor is also focused in carve-outs of internal debt collection departments of financial institutions.

Real-estate owned portfolios (REO’s) Acquisitions
Axactor is also acquiring REO`s assets at a discount to their appraisal value and are holding them purely for sale.

Debt collection (3PC)

We offer customers and end to end collection process from amicable to legal collections, and debt surveillance.

What is amicable collection?
This is when Axactor takes over recovery of the debt before the claims become enforceable or at a time the customer decides. Specialized amicable collection teams are dedicated depending on the nature and/or age of the debt. Our case handlers are trained and specialized with the skills needed to maximize the collection.

What is prelegal and legal Collection?
Sometimes it is necessary to take legal action to recover the debt. We have skilled and experienced teams that can prepare all the legal actions required to present the case for the court on behalf of the customers. In these cases, we continue in parallel to do amicable collection on the case as well, to try to solve the case as smoothly as possible.

What is debt surveillance?
If the debt is not recovered through amicable or legal collection, the debt can be put on surveillance. We have specialized teams that can monitor and detect change in the financial circumstances of your customers. In such cased we get in contact with the debtor directly to agree on a payment schedule. This enables you to receive money from claims that you might already have written off.

Accounts Receivable Management

We offer to follow up on all your issued invoices and increase the level of invoices paid on time. This helps boost your cash flow.

What is A/R management?
A/R management is when Axactor follows up on all your issued invoices, to secure that they are paid on time. This is done through sending out reminders, striving for settlement before the case has moved into the phase of amicable debt collection. Innovative and efficient systems make it possible for us to tailor routines especially for your customers. Axactor has developed integration with many financial systems, which makes it easy and safe to get started. You still have full control on the invoice process.

By letting us manage your reminder service, you can reduce cost of the invoice process, improve your liquidity at the same time as you continue the good relationship with your customers.

We also offer legal support when needed.

We encourage you to contact our local sales teams for more information!

Debt Purchase

We offer to buy performing and non-performing, secured and non-secured debt from our customers.

What is debt purchase?
Debt purchase is when Axactor buys performing or non-performing debt from a company. The price of the debt depends of the age and the quality of the debt. Analysis of the debt will be performed and we give an offer for what we can pay. This a good way for you to get more value and cash flow out of debt that you might already have written off. In addition, it offers the debtor new payment options.

In Axactor we have a well-functioning integration process of new portfolios, ensuring that the portfolios quickly get into production.

In Axactor we are purchasing both secured and non-secured debt. We are also in the market of forward-flow transactions. This is ongoing acquisitions of loans and receivables after they are overdue by a specified number of days, for example payments overdue by 90 days.

As soon as the cases have been transferred over to Axactor, our skilled and experienced employees get started on the collection.

Axactor also do carve-out of internal debt collection departments of financial institutions.

Contact our local sales teams for more information: Our Locations

Real-estate owned portfolios (REO’s) Acquisitions

We offer to acquire REO`s assets from our customers.

What is REO`s Acquisitions?
REO portfolios are real estate assets, mainly derived from mortgage shortfalls. Our customers consider these non-core assets and are looking to offload them from their balance sheets. Axactor is acquiring the assets at a discount to their appraisal value and are holding them purely for sale. The REO portfolio has a lifespan of 3-5 years, compared to 15 year lifespan for a typical unsecured portfolio. This short payback time ensures attractive IRR levels and also contributes to a more diversified product and portfolio mix for Axactor. Main part of the activities related to holding, and preparing the assets for sale are outsourced to third party suppliers.

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