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Q4 2015 results Axactor AB

Highlights during the fourth quarter of 2015

In October 2015, Axactor AB (the "Company") decided to become a European credit management company and to discontinue the nickel operations. The nickel operations were sold to the Swedish listed mineral company Archelon in December 2015, whilst at the same time the Company changed its name from Nickel Mountain Group to Axactor.

Axactor focuses on building a dynamic and pan-European organization within the credit management service industry and the ambition is to create a high-growth debt collection/debt purchase company, levering on the experienced management team, a solid investor base and the platform investment in Spanish legal collection company ALD Abogados.

In November 2015, Axactor announced that Mr. Endre Ragnes was appointed CEO. In addition, the Company has recruited experienced Group and Spanish management teams with solid track record from the debt purchase and collection industry.

During the fourth quarter of 2015 Axactor has taken significant steps towards becoming a full service debt collection/debt purchase company, including acquisition of a leading legal collection platform in Spain (ALD Abogados) and establishment a scalable amicable call center in Valladolid, Spain.

Key events after end of the report period

On January 20 2016, Axactor announced that their subsidiary, ALD Abogados, has signed a contract with Santander Consumer Finance in Spain for the legal collection area. Volumes will be transferred to Axactor, with a further ramp up of number of claims during 2016, adding substantial new business.

On February 12 2016, Axactor announced closing of its first substantial Non-Performing Loan portfolio in Spain with a face value of EUR 500 million.


Sales revenues for the quarter were SEK 4.4 million (SEK 0 million). The Spanish subsidiary ALD Abogados was consolidated in early December 2015, hence its revenues contributed to the group P&L only during a limited period. The nickel operations were at pre-feasibility stage and generated no revenues - neither in 2015 nor in 2014.

The net result after tax for the 4th quarter amounted to SEK -54.3 million (SEK-4.0 million) from remaining operations and SEK -22.4 million (SEK -30.2 million) from discontinued operations, in total SEK -76.7 million (SEK -34.2 million).

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Axactor AB (publ)

Endre Rangnes
Chief Executive Officer


Axactor company presentation 2015 (pdf)

Q4 2015 Report (pdf)

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Chief Financial Officer
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