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Axactor Germany offers an extensive service portfolio in receivables management. We support our customers in a needs-oriented manner from the moment of invoicing, assist in the dunning process, take over receivables in the collection process or purchase portfolios of non-performing receivables. We provide flanking support with services in the field or via our call center. The focus of our processing is on our customer's customer - we find solutions through dialog, offer extended service times and numerous payment methods - while always maintaining our customer's good reputation.

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We help hard working companies get paid

At Axactor, we believe that the debt management and collection business fulfill an important role in society, today and in the future. We help people in a difficult financial situation take steps toward a better one, but most and foremost, we help hard working companies and financial institutions get their money back.

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We are at the forefront of development

The collection business is going through radical changes right now. Axactor focuses on advanced technology, IT infrastructure and smart digital solutions and has specially designed platforms to achieve better results in debt collection, management and purchase at a lower operational cost. We always try to find the best solutions for our customers and debtors and it has given us a unique position among the top ten providers within the industry in Europe.

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We help people, companies and financial institutions - manage their debt.

Axactor offers services within debt collection, accounts receivable management, as well as portfolio purchases. We are continuously investing in new technology and developing leading systems to give our customers and debtors the best services possible.

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We believe in "One Axactor"

At Axactor, we have strong industry knowledge and the capabilities to acquire large non-performing loan portfolios. Our managers and employees are dedicated and passionate to ensure that all work is handled with the highest standards of integrity, trust, ethics and quality.

We continuously drive for operational excellence through focusing on building "One Axactor", where knowledge sharing across countries is one of the key focus areas.

Our mission is to take good care of your customers and ensure that you get your payments on time.

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