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Axactor is your specialist in receivables management. With the mentality of a start-up company that can draw on more than 40 years of experience in receivables management. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio with which we can help you to optimally set up your receivables management.

Accounts Receivable Management & Termination Prevention

Is an invoice paid on time? Does a borrower pay his due installment? If the answer is a no, it becomes critical. Now, the fastest possible intervention is required to prevent a payment default and to quickly agree on a solution with the customer. Of course, the methods that make sense and are possible vary from receivable to receivable. In any case, we can provide tailored support, because we live by the motto: Better be early!

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Debt Collection (3PC)

As part of the 3PC, we take over your non-performing receivables into the fiduciary processing. As an experienced full-service provider in receivables management, we can offer all services within the collection process. We are your partner from pre-court debt collection to the processing of insolvency claims. You choose in which areas we can support you, we develop the appropriate process.

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Debt Purchase / NPL

Debt Purchase is buying performing and non-performing, secure and unsecured debts from a company. The price depends on the age and quality of the debt. Axactor buys NPL portfolios both on a one-time and revolving basis at attractive prices.

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Field Services

Some things can best be clarified on the spot. Therefore, Axactor offers interesting solutions for Field Service within the scope of its portfolio.

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Call-Center Services

Do you need help getting in touch with your customer?

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Steffen Fink

Country Manager Axactor Germany