Our Login-Portals

Here you can reach us 24/7

Sometimes you just want to do certain things quickly online. For this purpose, Axactor provides access to our password-protected login portals, if requested by our customers.

If you have been contacted by us regarding an open claim, you can obtain details of the outstanding payment in the portal "YourAXACTOR" or simply contact us using various forms.

For companies that have transferred claims to us for collection we offer the "AXACTORweb" portal. This offers our customers, among other things, the possibility to view their portfolio, to send us information on specific receivables or to download documents and reports.

If you do not have access data, you will find instructions on how to proceed on the respective login page. Please note that both portals are in German only.

Debtor-Portal "YourAXACTOR"


Customer-Portal "AXACTORweb"