Application for out-of-court debt settlement

If you have serious debt problems and want to look at possibilities for a solution, you can apply for an out-of-court debt settlement. Here you will find information and application forms.

Application for out-of-court debt settlement

What is out-of-court debt settlement?

Before you can apply for a debt settlement with the bailiff, you should on your own have tried to get an out-of-court debt settlement. The scheme must cover all creditors.

By out-of-court debt negotiation is meant a renegotiation of debt obligations that are not regulated by the Debt Settlement Act or the Bankruptcy Act. By out-of-court debt settlement is meant a not specifically regulated and voluntary payment arrangement between the debtor and his creditors.

How can I apply for out-of-court debt settlement?

If you need help designing a proposal for a solution, you can contact the financial adviser in your municipality. The municipality has, as far as possible, a duty to assist a debtor who is trying to reach an out-of-court debt settlement with his creditors, cf. the Debt Settlement Act § 1-5.

NAV Financial and debt counseling is in addition to the municipalities' debt counseling; tel: +47 55 55 33 39. Here you can get help with getting an overview of your financial situation and get general advice on your debt problems.

Application form

If you wish to submit a proposal for an out-of-court debt settlement on your own, please complete the application form for an out-of-court debt settlement and attach the necessary documentation required for us to be able to assess your case. Application forms and documentation must be sent to

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