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04 March 2021

Axactor Germany

#FightCorona: From now on we test us

Now they are finally here. The first self-tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 received approval in Germany exactly one week ago. It was clear to us that we would like to offer our colleagues in the office the opportunity to test themselves regularly and free of charge.

It was possible to react quickly to the approval and to order tests. These have been delivered in the meantime and were already used for the first time yesterday.

The tests for our on-site team are another important component of our hygiene concept. Herein Axactor Germany offers comprehensive home office options to reduce the number of people in the office. The concept also includes distance and path rules as well as a comprehensive mask requirement (masks are provided free of charge).

"I am proud that we have not yet had a single case of corona in the office in Germany and I am sure that our hygiene concept and the far-reaching home office regulations have contributed to this. With the rapid tests now available, we are giving our team an even higher level of security in these unfortunately uncertain times."

Steffen Fink, Country Manager Axactor

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Test Corona
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