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Timo Großmann

IT Administrator

What position/role do you have at Axactor, and what are your duties?

IT administrator – everything to do with IT. All the way from buying hardware to sorting access rights. That covers a very wide range of tasks, so in addition to my day-to-day work I'm constantly facing new challenges in projects, which means we have to work together on solutions.

What do you find particularly enjoyable about your job?

When I help my colleagues with a problem or can resolve it for them, whether through what I do myself or even just some advice if no one is getting anywhere. I'm also learning new things and procedures all the time, so I am able to keep on developing myself.

What do you like at Axactor that you didn't have previously?

It's never boring! The many different tasks that arise in IT mean there are always exciting areas that you work on alone or where you collaborate with others in order to tackle even complex issues. On top of that, Axactor is also active in many other countries across Europe, and every now and then you get to cooperate with colleagues from the other Axactor countries and swap expertise.