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08 July 2020

Axactor Germany

Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e. V. receives donation from employees of Axactor Germany

Following an environmental campaign, employees of Axactor Germany donated the proceeds from the sale of reusable bottles.

Axactor Germany has purchased water dispensers that are connected directly to the water supply as part of an environmental campaign to improve the ecological balance. In the course of this campaign, reusable bottles were bought, which could be purchased by employees in return for a donation of their own free amount.

More than 150 bottles were sold, generating a donation of EUR 551. This was rounded up to EUR 1,000 by the two managing directors of Axactor Germany GmbH, Steffen Fink and Holger Müller.

Kirsten Plesse, donation supervisor of Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e. V., accepted the donation cheque for EUR 1,000. Steffen Fink, Country Manager and Barbara Gromer, Director HR, took the opportunity to gain some very personal insights into the work of the association.

Spendenuebergabe Kinderhospiz Sterntaler Axactor
Steffen Fink, Kirsten Plesse and Barbara Gromer at the presentation of donations in Heidelberg (from left to right)

"There are many associations and projects whose work is important and cannot be implemented without donations, but I am particularly pleased that our Axactor team has chosen the children's hospice. The commitment of the association is invaluable not only for the families concerned, but also for our society as a whole, and I am pleased that we are able to make a contribution to the financing here. This was not the first time that we have supported the children's hospice and hopefully it will not be the last time either".

Steffen Fink

Die Kinderhospizarbeit in Deutschland muss noch immer zum Großteil über Spenden finanziert werden. Wenn auch Sie dem Beispiel der Axactor Germany folgen und das Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e. V. unterstützen möchten, dann finden Sie alle Informationen unter: www.kinderhospiz-sterntaler.de.