07 July 2022

Axactor Germany

Review - The Axactor Innovation Day 2022

Two exciting and thrilling days lie behind the team of Axactor Germany and the guests of the Axactor Innovation Day on June 29./30. Juni.

Impressions of the Axactor Innovations Day 2022

In perfect summer weather, representatives of various banks and service providers in the financial industry met at the invitation of Axactor Germany to intensively discuss the topics of megatrends and future hypotheses for the financial industry. The event was supported by the Berlin start-up Talentlabor.

The founders Tatjana Winter and Mari-Luise Klose already accompanied the Axactor team last year at the start of the innovation journey. In a first workshop event in November 2020 in Berlin, a diverse team of Axactor members dealt with the megatrends of futurology under their leadership and developed future hypotheses for the financial sector on this basis. The goal of the Axactor Innovation Day was to present, discuss and enrich these hypotheses to industry experts, and so after a relaxed networking evening on the Neckar, hard workshop work was on the agenda the following day.

After an introduction to the topic, small groups took a closer look at three different hypotheses each and subsequently rejected, accepted or adapted them. The teams then presented the results of this workshop work in plenary session before taking a short breather. In the afternoon, the groups had the opportunity to work on a topic using the "Business Model Canvas" and the "Customer Journey Map". We ended the workshop day with a small photo shoot and are now looking forward to putting the findings of the Axactor Innovation Day into practice.

For Steffen Fink, Country Manager and Managing Director of Axactor Germany, the first Axactor Innovation Day was a complete success.

"This is the first time I have experienced this agile event format and I am still thrilled how openly our guests accepted this concept. All teams worked actively full of commitment and despite the high temperatures until the end and presented great results. I'm very proud of what we accomplished as a team and I'm sure this event brought us even closer to our goal of being #IndustryBenchmark."