03 June 2022

Axactor Germany

What is the crisis doing to the NPL market? Review of the NPL Forum 2022

For the 17th time, nearly 200 high-ranking representatives from politics, the banking world and servicers in the area of non-performing loans (NPLs) met on June 1 to exchange views on developments in the NPL market.

This year's subtitle of the NPL Forum was "Regulation, Risk Management and Innovation/ AI in the Lending Business" and these topics were discussed in more detail in top-class presentations and lively discussion sessions. Time and again, the discussion returned to the effects of the current crises. After all, in the wake of the Corona pandemic, the global economy is facing major challenges with the Ukraine war, problems with supply chains and, in some cases, significantly rising costs. At the moment, no one is in a position to assess what impact this will have on the banking world. However, the representatives on site agreed that it is highly likely that volumes in the NPL area will increase, at least in some asset classes.

Steffen Fink, Country Manager of Axactor Germany, made it clear during the panel discussion entitled "Transformation of NPL management - are we prepared for the next crisis? that Axactor Germany GmbH is already noticing more severe payment problems in its dialog with consumers than during the Corona crisis. However, all banks represented in the panel have done their homework in the last rather "low default" years and prepared themselves for the challenges of increasing NPL volumes.

In addition to the numerous presentations, the event also offered the opportunity for intensive networking with industry representatives and politicians. Thus, numerous discussions took place at the Axactor Germany booth, which will now be further intensified.

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